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Ehsan Sabonian

The 7ghalam Store of the largest distribution center and database of nail planting products in Iran have been specializing in the sale of appliances and products related to this profession, and have been enthusiastic, customer-oriented and with the support of Loyalty customers like you have been able to name the 7th item as a credible, trustworthy, and internationally leading supplier of luxury and specialized products in Iran and the world. All the efforts and pride of this collection has been that, despite many problems in the field of supplying and distributing goods, it has been able to provide the most reliable and best selling brands in the world and original designers ... The need of all the dear and troublesome customers.

Hopefully, from now on, in a new way with regard to the problems like:

The difficulty of traveling in Tehran is very heavy on the streets and a lot of time

The existence of driving rules such as the traffic plan and the pawn plan and the individuality of the streets

There is no suitable park park for the car

And problems with this category ...

We've been working to create the right conditions for all our goods to be available to buyers anywhere in the city and country.

Services we are considering:

Telephone counseling by trained counselors (9 to 21, everyday except for holidays)

Free shipping to all parts of the country

Guaranteed authenticity of all goods sold with the Gartner card for the 7-item store

Change the goods for 10 days. (With two conditions: 1- not opening goods from akbond status 2- with a warranty card)

To carry out the packaging according to the buyer's taste for free.

Possibility to send an order at the time specified by the buyer.

Receive orders for rare and rare items

Address: Tehran - Shahrān - Second Square - West 1st Street - Saman Commercial Complex - Sevenfold Store

Phone: 2144334618

Mobile: 09127116729

Amir Hossein Sabonian